Above It All
A few ramblings of my own


Last night I was able to watch Bill Bailey’s show “Part Troll” on DVD and I have never felt so fulfilled after watching a live comedy show. I remembered Bill Bailey as the calm accountant/ slave from the Black Books, in which he has to deal with the trivial Bernard Black. He came across as an enigmatic character in the show and his live comedy is no different. The name “Part Troll” is in reference to Bailey’s uncanny resemblance to some mythical creature. Bailey’s content is politically random throughout the show, in which it seems the workings of his mind are laid bare for the audience to see. The use of instruments is amazing and very different from other shows I have watched, like Ricky Gervais or Dylan Moran. I often found myself screaming with laughter, by not at the content of his comedy but at the absolute randomness it represented. The new UK anthem, a rendition of zippidy-doo -da is fantastic and so too are the Scales of Evil, in which pictures are synchronized with piano scales. What is great about Bailey is how natural and normal he seems, but his ideas about the world are so close to my own, I was able to completely agree with his points about religion, George Bush and the like. I was blown away by the production quality of his show and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys excellent British comedy.


One day I was sitting in an English Tutorial and this poem was the result…


Under the skin of me

Lies a deeper shade

A Broken vessel



by the days which come

and the days before

A lonely wanderer in a desert

Surrounded by a vortex of evil

And the calloused hands

of a weathered hunter

holding a brittle, cold rifle

flex and burn with power

He controls his breath

His eyes focus

His legs steady

The rifle fires

metal and brimstone

into my eye

my skin


I live in South Africa, which means that I am subject to crime, corruption and incompetence at almost every turn I make in life. I have found the landscape of my country and the grasp it has over my heart to be too powerful to pack my bags and leave. My family is scattered around my land, each member in a different province, living very different lives in this diverse country. We love this country, but we are white, which due to ignorance of our future leaders could be a very real burden. Being a male, I am already disadvantaged in my own country, which is just one of the many ignorant moves my government has made. I watched the voting process by our dominant party, the ANC, in which Jacob Zuma took over presidency of his party. Zuma supporters took to hooliganism and were threatening to other supporters, their tactics angered me. Jacob Zuma has a hold over the hearts of the poor, and the ignorant of South Africa. He has made the same promises every other fool has made , to end poverty, to create equality and to repossesses land once theirs. Yet he is a corrupt, maligned man, who is not fully educated and I believe is the King of Ignorance in my land. His ignorant followers have no real vindication to support him, they only like the way he throws a party and the fact that he is a Zulu man. You probably think I am racist, apartheid loving white. I am only 19 and my family are as liberal as it comes, the educated youth in South Africa believe in equality and all support a gradual reform. But when ignorance rules in Africa, there is proof that it leads to death.


The new album, Only By The Night, has become a tour de force for my senses. I eat, sleep and breathe this album. I think the music has become a part of my being. The powerful , “Sex on Fire” is backed up by the flawless “Use Somebody”. After watching Dazed and Confused I thought that my own generation would never find the kind of awe inspiring music which was prevalent in the 70s . I thought that music was dead, and MTV had killed it. My favourite band’s ramblings, System of A down, were not enough for me, their political and alternative style had drawn me in, but they lacked the power to change me and to inspire me. Kings of Leon resonate within my skull at every fleeting moment. The lyrics and the leads gravelly voice draw me in. I am going to start my own blog, Kings of Leon have given me a reason to post my innermost feelings about everything. Hopefully everything I see and hear will become a part of this blog. I want the world to experience what I experience. I don’t care if no one is interested, keep your negative opinions far away from this blog. I am only here to benefit the few who love what I love. I want to find those who believe in my beliefs because I am sick of commercialization and what it entails. Kings of Leon is hopefully the first step in the right direction for today’s society which is littered by commercial, money spinning artists whose art is corrupted by money and greed. Above it all is my idea of a better world.